Meal Delivery

Have fresh, great-tasting food on your dinner table nightly.

Delivery & Cafe Menu Highlights

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  • Halibut, Savory Strawberry Rhubarb Compote
    with erbette chard and quinoa & red rice
  • Cherry Balsamic Chicken
    with roasted asparagus and bulgur
  • Tri Tip with pesto
    with vegetable medley and polenta fries

Lunch Menu Highlights

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  • Check out our new grab-and-go fridge! Stocked with:
    Vegetarian and protein-based green salads
  • Mezze plates with hummus, vegetables, almonds, feta, and pita

    A variety of sandwiches and wraps, yogurt, lunch packs, and more!

Your cooking has made a huge, positive difference in my life.
I was sure it would be healthier and easier, but unaware that it would also be less expensive. Cooking for one can mean a lot of waste. – Janet Prochazka

Square Meals

We look forward to cooking for you

Square Meals specializes in wholesome prepared meals. Our 20+ item menu changes weekly featuring the best of the season. We cook from scratch daily and take pride in supporting local farms, ranches and artisans. We look forward to cooking for you!

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