About the Team

We love food.

We love eating it, talking about it and most of all cooking it. We believe life is better when you take the time to eat a wholesome meal. We respect the hard work of the farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and artisans we source from. We honor their hard work by using their ingredients to create deliciously simple and comforting dishes that can be shared around the dinner table or enjoyed wherever and whenever you find a few minutes of calm in your busy day.
We hope to make your day not only easier, but also better by knowing the food you buy from us will always be made with care by people you can trust and from ingredients of the highest quality.

Alison Mountford

Square Meals was started by Alison Mountford in 2006 and has since grown from a one woman operation to a thriving small business with a passionate team hailing from all over the map. Our goal is to re-imagine what take-away food can be: to elevate it from greasy containers and unhealthy calorie splurges to wholesome meals and fresh, tasty dishes you can feel good about eating. And since our menu changes weekly based on what’s best and in season, you can order from us regularly and taste something new each time.

We are honored that in a city with so many food choices, you choose us. We look forward to cooking for you!

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