Hang out for a while

Visit our Polk Street cafe and kitchen where we prepare all of our fresh seasonal dishes from scratch daily! We offer Sightglass coffee, Five Mountains Tea, beer, freshly squeezed juices and free wi-fi. Make sure to try Batter Bakery’s fresh-baked treats while you are in!

We source our produce, seafood and meat locally, from people we trust and who use only the most responsible methods of production. When you support Square Meals you also support these small family farms, ranches and fishermen as well.

We’ll heat a plate up for you or Take It Home

  • Choose from the 20+ items in our deli case and enjoy a wholesome meal in the comfort of your own home.
  • Fill your fridge with tasty salads, vegetable and grain dishes, proteins and more to have snacks and meals at your fingertips.

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