Meal Delivery

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We cook from scratch daily

using the season’s best ingredients so you can eat well with little work. The vast majority of our ingredients are sourced from local farms and ranches within half a day’s drive of San Francisco. We use organic, sustainable, and hormone free products where ever they are possible!

Because of our oft changing menu, it is difficult to notate where each ingredient comes from, but if you are interested in more, we are always glad to talk about making smart choices.

Our team works hard to prepare every dish from scratch, the wholesome and old fashioned way. We know you are busy and don’t have to plan, shop, cook and eat for your family this way on a daily basis. So, when you can’t do it yourself, order Square Meals.

We look forward to cooking for you!

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I love the meals. They are changing my life -
I actually have the opportunity to eat healthy and am starting to feel better too.
Avner Husen, Square Meals Customer

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