July 28 – August 4

by Alison Mountford on July 23, 2014

Lets talk about Ajvar! ajvar-410x271
I learned about this sauce in Culinary School from a fun-loving Chef Instructor who knew a lot about a lot. Its originally Serbian and is popular throughout all of the Balkans. We roast red peppers directly over the flame of our stove top until they’re charred and soft. After peeling them we puree them with roasted garlic, eggplant, lemon, olive oil, sea salt and some spicy chilies. Typically, you can find mild or hot ajvar – ours is somewhere in the middle.
The sauce is delicious on everything from chicken and fish to toasted pita or bread.
So, how to pronounce the name? Admittedly, this is the best part of making Ajvar – just say it like a pirate would! C’mon, get into it, give it some feeling…. “Eye-var.” Chef Weller wouldn’t accept anything less than committed pirate pronunciation and neither will Square Meals.
Turkey Meatloaf
Salmon with Tzatziki sauce,(cucumber yogurt) (D, GF)
Sesame Basil Chicken with Ajvar Sauce (spicy eggplant/pepper dip) (GF)
Roast Beef with Herb Crust (GF)
Pork Sugo, Braised with White Beans and Tomatoes (D, GF)
Corn, Okra, Tomato Cornmeal Mini Pies, 5″ Pan (D, V)
Heirloom Tomato Salad with Basil, Fresh Mozzarella and Seka Hills Olive oil (D GF V)
Vegetable Medley with Grilled Peaches, Sweet 100s and Green Beans (GF V)
Chard with Quick Pickled Cucumbers and Corn (GF V)
Kale Salad with White Beans, Garlic Bread Crumbs, Tomatoes, Onion and Cucumbers (V)
Roasted Chioggia Beets with Basil Pesto, Toasted Pine Nuts, Fresh Cheese (D GF N V)
Farro Salad, Eggplant, Radish, Carrots, Oregano Lemon Dressing (V)
Smashed Potatoes with Chili Basil Oil (D GF V)
Quinoa with Baby Carrots, Spinach, Radish, Sesame Dressing (GF V)
Bow Tie Pasta Salad, Basil, Cucumber, Cauliflower (V)
Polenta Fries (V)
Salmon with Tzatziki with Roasted Chioggia Beets and Farro Salad
Sesame Basil Chicken with Vegetable Medley and Quinoa
Roast Beef with Kale Salad and Mashed Potatoes
Pork Sugo with Chard and Bow Tie Pasta Salad
Cornmeal Mini Pies with  Kale Salad