January 19th to January 25th

by Alison Mountford on January 15, 2015


Turkey Meatloaf with Tomato BBQ Glaze (D)

Seared Albacore Tuna with Olive Tapenade ( D )

Curried Chicken Breast with Herb Yogurt Sauce ( D GF)

Slow Cooked Sugar and Spice Brisket ( GF )

Southwest Black Bean and Sweet Potato ( V D)

Vietnamese Caramel Pork  (GF )



Medley of the Week: Honey Dijon Root Vegetable Medley GF  V)

Kale Salad :  Kale  with  Gruyere Croutons, Carrots, Sundried Tomatoes and Sunflower Seeds  ( V)

Brussels with Sambal chili Sauce  (GF  V)

Roasted Broccoli with charred Meyer lemon and Garlic  ( GF V )

Fresh Market Salad, Season Veggies (GF V)



Quinoa Salad: with Apples, Pecans, Feta, Arugula, Dried Cranberries  (GF V N D)

Rice Noodles with Mushrooms, Cabbage, Carrots, GingerTamari Dressing  ( GF  V)

Potato and Root Vegetable Gratin, Onions and Herbs ( D V)

Roasted Sweet Potatoes Fries with Sea Salt and Parsley (GF  V)

Polenta Fries (V GF)



Creamy Tomato Soup (GF V D)

Ribollita (GF V)